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Top 3 Reasons Your Family Gets Sick a Lot (That Has Nothing to Do With Food)

family health Nov 07, 2022

It is flu/covid/cold season and the kids are bringing home lots of bugs. It’s “normal” for everyone in the family to catch these viruses every year, and many kids may get a cough/runny nose more often than that (or what feels like alllll the time!)

Even though this is the case, there are many ways to boost your immune system to shorten the duration of these colds or at least help your body fight them efficiently without it dragging you down first. Taking supplements like Vitamin C and eating healthy foods are usually the first things people think about. It is easy to tear a packet of emergen-c and take a shot, but is it helping you?

There is nothing as frustrating as trying everything you know and googled to keep prevent your family from getting sick. You try superfoods, supplements, new exercise routines, and more only to end up getting sick. This may have you wondering what it is that is affecting your immune system from functioning better. Here are a few of the options you should consider.

 You’re Dehydrated

One of the first things I look at is hydration. Hydration is a major key player in the health of your immune system. If your body does not have the proper hydration, then it can't function properly. This puts stress on your organs, on your weight loss efforts, and most importantly, on your body’s efforts at fighting infections.

Are you getting enough fluids?

💦    Your current weight ÷ 2 = # oz of fluids your body needs a day.

💦    If you’re drinking caffeine (caffeinated teas and/or coffee), this makes you lose water, so be sure to drink an extra cup of water to replace it

 â‡ï¸ Building Healthy Habit Tip: If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. After calculating your daily needs, buy a water bottle large enough where you can keep track easily to hit your goals. Ex. I buy a 40oz water bottle and drinking 2 whole water bottles fulfills my water needs. It’s big enough where I only need it refilled once, but not too big so it’s still easy to carry around.

You’re Stressed Out

Another major reason your immune system may be affected is stress. You may think that you don't have that much stress in your life and that you have it all covered. Or you have too many stresses but think they’re a “normal” part of your life, such as the daily stresses that can build into one major stress filled reaction causing your immune system to be less effective.  This stress can come from working through a chaotic daily schedule that has you going non-stop, trying to maintain a large to-do list, or from dealing with the issues of other people in your home and family.


❇️ Building Healthy Habit Tip: Brain dump. Grab a cute journal or a simple pen and paper and write everything out you do in your day just off the top of your head. If you’re brave and ambitious, do a whole week’s worth. Everything included the daily activities, the decisions you must make for yourself and for your home, the chores, hygiene, responsibilities at work, hobbies, house projects, etc. Stare at that for a while, be proud of yourself for all that you do. Then start crossing things out that can be delegated or put in the back parking lot.


Writing it out and physically seeing it on paper relieves stress and burden on the amount of weight you carry in your brain. This helps you flesh out the stressors that could be in your life, that you didn't even realize were a problem. You can identify them and then work through them at your own pace to help reduce the impact on your immune system.

You’re Not Sleeping Well

One aspect of daily routines that people tend to overlook, especially when it comes to the connection between your body and your immune system, is sleep. You may think that you are getting at least 6 hours or more of sleep a night, but just because you are sleeping it does not mean you are sleeping well. Make sure that you are getting deep sleep. One way to do this is to use a sleep monitor system found on most fitness trackers. It can help determine if you are getting deep sleep and how much. If you are not getting solid deep sleep this could be the reason your immune system is not working properly.


❇️ Building Healthy Habit Tip: Keep your room clean and tidy. I know this is super random, but this is one of the best tips you can do for your sleep. Your room should be your sanctuary. Keeping it clean and decluttered, even if the rest of your house is a hot mess, allows your body to destress and have more restful nights. Pro tip: add in a diffuser for that spa-like aromatherapy for a more relaxing environment.

 By running through a checklist of these things that might be affecting your immune system, you can be better equipped to take on most of the illnesses you may experience.


Which one surprised you the most?


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