Family Health Planner

Your Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Lifestyle Plan for Families


Does this sound like you?

  • You tried all the things to get healthy and relieve your symptoms. None of it lasted, and you're right back where you started

  • You want to feel better...but restricting your favorite foods or complicated meal plans has left you miserable, tired, and craving all day long

  • No one in your family will eat the new healthy foods you prepared, so their lack of participation makes it hard to stay committed

  • You thrive off clear action plans that are organized and goal-oriented.

Family Health Planner

Introducing the only health planner that has a step-by-step weekly guide to help your whole family build a strong foundation in healthy nutrition and wellness that will last a lifetime. Over 52 weeks, you will reset your family's eating and wellness habits to start living that anti-inflammatory life. You will restore your family's health by learning what to do, how to do it, and why. You're all-in-one planner comes with: 

  • Calendar 
  • Nutrition Book 
  • Journal 
  • Health Coach
  • & More!

Stay on Track

Perfect for a busy family! There are 52 weeks of small actionable tasks for you to complete, along with learning tools, activities, and strategies to help implement it. It is designed to keep you accountable and working towards long-lasting change. 


Phase 1:
All about Nutrition

Shop smart - The food industry's advertisements will no longer fool you! You will be able to analyze food nutrition labels and know if it is really healthy or not.

Phase 2:
Put it into Practice

Meal prepping takes lots of time and practice. But once you get it, it's a lifesaver! Tools and tips are included so you can be on your way to becoming your home's meal prep master.

Phase 3: Stress Relief

Learn how stress affects your body's ability to absorb nutrients from your foods. Simple tools and tips are included to allow your body to work effectively through your every day's stress.

Phase 4: 
Move Your Body

You don't have to be a marathon runner or a gym rat to be healthy. You'll learn fun and simple ways to strengthen your heart and muscles that you can include in your every day life.

Phase 5:
Better Sleep

Sleep is when your body takes the time to repair itself. Learn ways to establish and improve your sleep routine to optimize and restore your health.


Real Talk

Popular diets or meal plans have you make drastic changes within weeks, which can set you up for failure. Too fast of a change doesn't allow you time to implement it into your daily lifestyle. Many plans don't consider that you have other people in your family that you feed. So you end up cooking multiple meals for yourself, your partner, and your kids. The last thing your mind and body need right now is more restrictions, stress, and confusion about what's the "right" thing to do for your family's health.

Other health and wellness planners are generic, short-termed, or only provide small tips such as - "Make sure you eat breakfast today," without explanation. I didn’t want another 90-day challenge, I needed something that would transform my family's health habits long-term.

Anti-Inflammatory Family Health Planner combines education and actionable steps to carefully planned over one year to build long-lasting healthy habits.


Fresh Look. Same Impact!

Please note that we have updated the cover & color of the book, but it is still filled with everything shown in the video above.  

Undated weekly, and monthly calendars to keep you organized.

Extra space to record your to-do lists, daily activities, meals, appointments, birthdays, shopping lists & more!

How to not be fooled by advertisements anymore and learn how to decode nutrition labels so you know if a food is healthy or not!

Priority to-do lists to keep you organized & task-focused. 

Sleep and daily exercise trackers to help you record your progress & activity. 

Habit trackers help break the cycle of unwanted habits and encourage positive changes. 

Weekly affirmations & monthly reflection journals to focus on positive mental health and eliviate stress. 

Meal planning worksheets to keep you organized for food shopping and prep during the week. 

Let's Talk Bonuses

Anti-Inflammatory Living is excited to partner with Living Plate Rx to offer meal plans developed by a Registered Dietitian. Once you purchase the e-book you will be sent a free 6-week anti-inflammatory meal planner, complete with recipes, grocery lists, and more. Take a sneak peak of this bonus by clicking the link below!


Meet the Creator

Hey There! I am Jade. I’m your family health coach, a holistic registered nurse, and new healthy BFF. 

I'm on a mission to empower mamas like you to build generational HEALTH by optimizing your family's immune system, behavior, and focus in school and work through education and communication.

This is the only planner that comes with a health coach and gives you my step-by-step guide to start implementing the anti-inflammatory lifestyle that has allowed me to reclaim my life!


Purchase with Confidence

If you are ready to invest in your family's health, then you and your family will love this planner! But if you find that this does not fit your needs, reach out to me within 14 days for a full refund. Please note this is an e-book so you will be sent immediate access to download the pdf, no physical product will be shipped. If you wish to purchase the hard copy you can do that through my Amazon store!