Healthy Kids Complete

The Program

We empower parents to include their kids on a journey to break generational lifestyle and eating habits that contribute to inflammation and to reprogram their genes to prevent future diseases. You will learn how your lifestyle and nutrition choices directly impact your family's mental, behavioral, and physical health. The ultimate goal of this program is to help you live with the intention of actively preventing disease so you can live healthier and longer lives together.


This is for you if... 

  • You are ready to teach your kids the power of a healthy diet and lifestyle while being supported through the process.

  • You want to prevent your kids from suffering from their genetic dispostion to chronic illnesses.

  • You want to model a balanced lifestyle so that they can happily live the rest of their lives.

  • You need help getting your entire family on board and excited about their new health journey.

Reduce the frequency and/or severity of seasonal infections

Reduce the risk of chronic disease that impacts children more and more these days

Your kids will be more confident and motivated

Reduce tantrums and mood swings

Improve memory, focus, and overall performance in school

Reduce overall stress for parents, so you and your kids will have more time to be present and make more positive memories together

Real Talk

  Raising another human being is one of the most beautiful and biggest responsibilities a parent will have in their life. You do everything for them since birth; feeding, bathing, putting them to sleep, and eventually teach them how to do it on their own. You send them to school, teach them manners and your family's values. You even teach them how to cook and clean.

BUT don't forget to teach them how the foods we eat affect our brain, body, and behavior and why it's essential to prevent mental and physical disease – for a long fulfilling life.


Shop Smart. Don’t be fooled by advertisements anymore and learn how to decode nutrition labels, so you know if this food is healthy or not! Learn which foods and ingredients to avoid that increases inflammation.

Strengthen Your Immune System. Unlock your body’s ability to make its own medicine, so you get sick less and decrease your risks of the most common ailments today – ADHD, rashes, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and more.

Meal Planning. I will help your whole family transition to eating anti-inflammatory foods. You will understand the difference between food sensitivities and food intolerances. You will also learn strategies to address picky eaters.

Improve Mood and Behavior. What you eat is directly impacts your brain. Learn how you eat and what you eat to improve yours and your kids’ memory, energy, focus, attention, and behavior.

Influence. Learn the science behind healthier habits and how to implement them, so your family grows healthier for generations.

Kids Involvement. Learn how to not only discuss the importance of a healthy lifestyle with your children but also how to get them excited in the process!

Living Proof it Works!

Hey, I am Jade! This program is the foundation I used to take control of my own autoimmune disease and how including my family in the health journey was the game changer. Inviting our kids to take control of their health is an empowering process that helps them build confidence in their choices and most of all, reduce picky eating!

Anti-Inflammatory living released my body from a chronic inflammatory state that allowed me to be a positive healthy influence, so my kids can thrive, and most of all, be present without fatigue, aches, and pains.

 It's become my passion and life's mission to teach my kids everything I learned during my healthy journey to prevent them from the years of suffering I endured. Now, I want to help other families do the exact same!


Have Questions?

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